Sunday, 13 July 2014

New Zealand - Part 9: "Little Brown Jobs"

Part 9:  "Little Brown Jobs"

There are not many native paserines in New Zealand but there are now a number of "European imports" including Dunnock, Blackbird, Cirl Bunting and Yellowhammer.  It certainly seems strange that when we have no local Yellowhammers her and I cannot now guarantee one upon returning to England that I fly to, literally, the other side of the worls and then see yellowhammers.  On the other hand, even if they were most hidden in the thick of the bushes or canopy, it was rather pleasing to watch the antics of both the New Zealand Grey Fantail Rhipidura fuliginosa and well-named Silvereye Zosterops lateralis lateralis.

Zealand Grey Fantail  
Rhipidura fuliginosa

 Silvereye Zosterops lateralis lateralis

 North Isand Kokako  Callaeus wilsoni

South Island Robin  Petroica australis australis



North Island Saddleback   Philesturnus rufasater

 Welcome Swallow  Hirundo neoxena

Dunnock  Prunella modularis

 House Sparrow  Passer domesticus

 Yellowhammer  Emberiza citrinella

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