Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Zealand - Part 3: Ducks

Part 3:  Ducks

Very few ducks were seen albeit loads of paradise Shelduck and Scaup in localise locations.  I even saw a M then got really excited when I saw a couple of Blue Duck on a small lake on the edge of Wanganui.  However, stopping the car for closer inspection and photographs, i realised that the reason the birds had not paddle or flown away was because they were ornamental models floating on the water!!!

Grey Duck  Anas superciliosa
Paradise Shelduck  Tadorna variegata (Breeding female above and males below)

Australasian Shoveler Anas rhynchotis (Above and below)

Grey Teal  Anas gracilis

New Zealand Scaup  Aythya novaeseelandiae  (Abobe and below)

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