Friday, 11 July 2014

New Zealand - Part 7: Smaller Sea Birds

Part 7:  Smaller Sea Birds

In this section I have included all the other sea birds other than Albatross so, mainly, Shearwaters and petrels but not forgetting the only penguin we recorded, the Little Blue Penguin Eudyptula minor.  I may have labelled this section "Smaller Sea Birds" but there was certainly nothing small about the Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus which, as you will see in some of the photographs below, was more than able to hold its own when fighting of the ravaging larger albatrosses.

Little Blue Penguin
Eudyptula minor

(A very sleepy individual below having chosen to roost immediatle next to th emain path to the beach!)

Buller's Shearwater Puffinus bulleri (above and below)

Cape Pigeon (Pintado Petrel)
Daption capense

Four photographs of the Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus below accompanied by Cape Pigeons and showing that it is more than able to hold its own against the larger and more powerful albatrosses present.

 Unknown petrel, possibly Parkinson's Petrel Procellaria parkinsoni from rather broad and square tail.

And who is this little chap?

 Westland Petrel Procellaria westlandica (above and below)

 Yet another petrel wating for identification

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