Friday, 24 February 2017

The Spanish Imperial Eagle

Friday 24 February

A Day in the Life of a Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila adalberti

As a result of my recent visit to Extremadura and having the privilege of seeing a true pair of Spanish Imperial Eagles, I thought I might use some of the photographs taken to present a little story of what might be an everyday occurrence in the life of these magnificent raptors.

This is the Manfrague home of our raptors near the top of a well-leafed tree that can just be seen to the left of the bare tree where "hubby" is having a brief rest after all his travels in search of an early morning meal.  If you look carefully, about two-thirds to the right and at about 4 o'clock from the resting male, you can just make out the female.

 It's been a busy start to the day both looking for food and making sure that the neighbours know their place and keep to their own side of the fence, etc. But there is always one interfering neighbour, in this case an adult Griffon Vulture, that has to be reminded that this is my territory and if you enter you have to expect a reaction.

Time to check that all is OK at home so the female has come out to meet her partner and see how he has spent the first part of the morning.
Oh no, there's that pesky Griffon Vulture again.  This time make a better job of seeing off the bird once and for all.
 Still not got the message?  Well I can follow you as far as you can fly.

  Time to get back and see if lady wife is all right.

Just the one nosey neighbour observing us but as long as the Griffon Vulture stays there I'll just ignore him.

Yes, all is clear so time to drop in, literally, on the wife and see if she is ready to think about starting a new family this year.

No point hanging around up there, I need you down here.

Ah, there you are.  Is this the morning when we finally stop thinking and get on with producing a son and heir?
All right for you but I've been working on the nest all morning; I need a little rest first.

OK but I'm on my way down to you.
This is not the easiest of actions given our size and the nature of this marriage bed!

 Wow!  I feel as if I'm in heaven.  So in love I need to take a soar around the sky above.

  Back again, dear.  My word I needed that soar above to tell you how much I love you.

Have you finished messing about?  What about getting on with some work?  We need more twigs for the nest and I'm actually beginning to feel a little peckish.

  Go on, off you go!

Oh happy day!  The sun is shining, hardly a breath of wind and the neighbours have all settled down.  If it wasn't for that pair of birders down there looking up at us we'd have the world to ourselves.  Looks like Robert Luecke all the way from Wuppertal in Germany down there and still sat on his stool; must have been there for days.

And, if I'm not mistaken, it looks as if the Axarquia Birder has also turned up to point his telescope and camera at us.  You'd think he would have something better to do with his time!

And so I moved on to find the newly-arrived Black Stork along with a pair of Black (Monk) Vultures not more then 500 metres away.

Check out the accompanying website at for the latest sightings, photographs and additional information.

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