Monday, 5 May 2014

Fuente de Piedra and Photograph update

Monday 5 May

At last, the job is done and photographs have now been added to the past five blogs covering my visit to the Donana National Park.  Just work your way back to get an impression of what has been seen,  At the same time, also have a look at John and Jenny wainwright's reports for their current visit.

With so many special waders at Fuente de Piedra that will soon be winging their way to the far north, I have, below, decided to make this a photographic look at the waders to be seen.  But you really must hurry if you still want to see the Little Stints, Curlew sandpipers and, especially, the Spotted Redshank.

 Whilst the Black-winged Stilt (above) may be with us all summer the same cannot be said for the delicate Little Stints (below).

We may occasionally see a Ringed Plover (above) but what was the Turnstone (below) doing at Fuente de Piedra?

The Dunlin (below) seems to be the most common of the small visiting waders and should be used as  means of identifying other small waders. 

 Now look at these gorgeous Curlew Sandpipers all dressed out in their new breeding plumage.


 The Ruff/Reeve has been a regular winter visit to Fuente de Piedra most winters

 And then we have the two redshanks; Common Redshank which is present year round and the visiting Spotted Redshank (below) which has a much longer bill and note how it, too, has grown its summer breeding plumage with all those spots that give the bird its name.


Birds depicted:

Black-winged Stilt    Ciguenuela Comun       Himantopus himantopus
Little Stint                 Correlimos Menudo     Calidris minuta
Ringed Plover           Chorltejo Grande          Charadrius hiaticula
Turnstone                  Vuelvepiedras Comun  Arenaria interpres
Dunlin                        Correlimos Comun      Calidris alpina
Curlew Sandpiper    Correlimos Zrapitin     Calidris ferruginea
Ruff                            Combatiente                 Philomachus pugnax
Common Redshank  Archibebe Comun       Tringa totanus
Spotted Redshank    Archibebe Oscuro        Tringa erythropus

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