Wednesday 22 January 2014

Woodchat Shrike and Purple Heron

Wednesday 22 January 

Received an interesting email from Sussex birder Roy Kent late this evening telling me about his birding experience whilst working on a farm house renovation in Velez Blanco.  Not just two iconic owls but the first report I have heard this year of both Woodchat Shrike and Purple Heron.  Just goes to show what a crazy season, weather wise, we have been experiencing for the past six months.

Report from Roy covering the Velez Blanco area

Woodchat Shrike [presumably passing through] spent most of the time on a cross valley cable.
Black Redstart, both male & female
Blue Rock Thrush, a resident pair others in the vicinity
Sardinian Warbler, resident
Eagle Owl, just the one day so far active in broad daylight, not seen only heard for several hours
Griffon Vulture, 55 counted in air at one time
Spanish Sparrow, too numerous to count constantly raid the stables picking up grain & seeds from the hay
Serin, resident flock approx.50 
Scops Owl, heard at the twilight hour and on other occasions throughout the night
Purple Heron, landed on the wall of the water reservoir  today
Stonechat, a pair resident in the small holding
Robin, just the one
Kestrel, occasional visitor to the valley
Not a bad list I think you will agree.

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