Wednesday 1 January 2014

Keeping in touch with Birding in Axarquia and surrounds

New Year's Day

Many of you will know that I am not a great fan of Facebook and have tried to avoid it at all costs, not wanting to know about who has been where, when and why; how much drink went down the throat last night and all the other trivia that I seem to hear about.  But, I have been told, I need to keep up with the times and get with it!  Everybody seems to live on Facebook and that that is the way to go.  So where is the sensible compromise?

I have created a Facebook Group called Axarquia Birds and Wildlife so that all those living in this general area to the east of Malaga with an interest in birds and wildlife can communicate with each other, share their thoughts, ideas, questions and photographs, etc.  Not a vehicle for idle chatter but something more specific - albeit I hope that we can all keep a sense of humour and share some light-hearted moments.

For instance, have you all heard about Steve Powell finding, and photographing (see left), a rare Moustached Warbler at the Charca de Suarez reserve last Sunday?  It did eventually get blogged and can be seen both on Steve's blog (CLICK HERE) and this.  Had we all been connected to the Axarquia Facebook account then the news could have been out to you with hours, if not minutes.

I tried to invite all the members of the Axarquia Bird Group to join but seem to have only accomplished asking if I could be a friend rather than the other way round!  Those more experienced in these matters will, no doubt, know where I went wrong.  Experimenting with Steve Powell last night we think this may the easiest way to get access and be able to join the group.  You must already have a Facebook account of your own and then type in (or copy) the following URL to you Internet bar at the top of the page:

We think that will then take you to the present site, which currently has six members, and you will be invited to join.  Once I see and recognise the name I will be able to approve the application and we will gradually expand and, all being well, build a great framework for sharing birding and general wildlife experiences and related matters.  Now, as they say, it is up to you the readers whether or not you wish to get involved.

By way of an appetiser and to whet your appetite, would you not want to see such cracking photos as this taken of a Blue Tit by Allen Hartley last week?

Meanwhile, the next issue of our bi-monthly e-magazine Malaga Birds is taking shape and I hope to be able to email it to you all in about three weeks time.  If you are able to help with sharing some of your local birding photos then that would be great;  just email them over along, if necessary,  with any comments and or background material.  Why not even write a short article to be included?  I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Wright

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