Thursday 30 January 2014

A very wet England - and sleet at Rutland Water

Thursday 30 January

Back for a week now before we drive down to Southampton on the morrow and then fly off to new Zealand next Tuesday, 4 February.  It was wet when we landed at East Midlands last Saturday evening, more of the same for an over-night drive up to Sheffield and still the rains continued most of Wednesday and Thursday; probably less than two hours of dry in the whole period.  But today was dry as I set off early for Rutland Water; very dull and gloomy but no rain.  Spoke to soon as no sooner had I watched the Great Spotted Woodpecker on the nuts at the feeding station when I arrived than a light drizzle commenced.  Retreating to the Visitors Centre encouraged more rain and the next thing I knew the wet had become white with the advent of sleet and even signs of it starting to lie on the ground.

Waste of time staying and getting really soaked so back home within ninety minutes but I did, at least, manage to record 33 species in that short time.  The full report along with three "rubbish" record shots int eh gloom can be found on the alternative blogsite, or simply CLICK HERE TO BE REDIRECTED.

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