Thursday 21 November 2013

No John with Jenny to Fuente de Piedra

Wednesday 20 November

I am sure that you will all be pleased to know that John Wainwright, whilst still unable to walk, is making excellent progress following his operation and hopes to be out with the Axarquia Bird Group once again come next January.  Merry Christmas and a Happy  New Year John and Jenny in case I forget!
Bluethroat Ruisenor Pechiazul Luscinia svecica (Jenny Wainwright)

Meanwhile, not to be left on the sidelines feeding grapes to John as he reclines in front of the television, Jenny managed to coax, cajole, threaten her brother into talking her over to Fuente de Piedra.  I am not sure where the Cranes were but John reports that only a handful were seen.  On the other hand, perhaps in preparation for the Axaquia Bird Group's visit to the Rio Velez on the morrow, they did get splendid views of both male and female Bluethroats.  Enjoy Jenny's photograph and I wonder what we will see in the morning?

Check out the accompanying website at for the latest sightings, photographs and additional information.

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