Thursday 28 November 2013

Away in the UK at Rutland Water

Thursday 28 November

still no rain and yesterday, Wednesday, was pleasantly mild with even a little sunshine.  What better to do than spend the morning at Rutland Water with my close friend Ron from, relatively, nearby Wigston in Leicstershire as I found my first Redwings and Fieldfares of the winter along with those specialist birds (!) the Dunnock and Pied Wagtail.  And what an assortment of ducks to be seen.

A full illustrated report is on my LTERNATIVE BLOG, axarquiabirder,AND CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING and can be found by clicking anywhere in the BLOCK or coloured letters.

Not all good news though as upon returning home I not only discovered that the Internet was done but it sounds like a router problem.  The engineer will call next Thursday morning between 7 and 9am.  Just as well as I will be travelling back the following day.  Ah well, at least we have a public library that I can access for a couple of hours of free Internet use and, with the kids at school, no shortage of machines available.

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