Tuesday 7 May 2013

Latest development on the Frigiliana building site!

Just received some lovely photos from Steve Powell to show how well the new Martin Estate is coming on in Frigiliana with, I am told, a 100% occupancy rate.  Is there any wonder with all the mod cons laid on; close to a plentiful supply of food, gated security and a female warden that will not tolerate any interference with the homes, feathered or otherwise, etc.  One of the Passer Elanus's tried her luck but she soon got short shift.

Now first we take a summer lease and then adapt the new home to meet our personal requirements:

 Next, check it out size and view from the front door.  Can I see the neighbours?

 That's fine.  Now, settle back and wait for the postman to call - well, hubby with the shopping!

Hullo, what's this?  Looks like one of those Passer Elanus girls from round the corner is trying to do a smash and grab job and take over one of the new houses on the Martin estate.

Not just the warden who is going to be upset.  Even the nosey neighbour's giving the interloper a mouth full of useful advice and what she can expect if caught.

Now then, what's all this palaver about then?  Somebody say there was an intruder on our estate?  Well, they're certainly not going to be taking a look at my little house, thank you very much!

All photographs courtesy of Steve Powell and with many thanks.  To take a closer look at some of Steve's photos check out his new website at www.wildaboutspain.com

Check out the accompanying website at http://www.birdingaxarquia.weebly.com for the latest sightings, photographs and additional information.

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  1. Hi Bob, The month of May so far has been very kind to you on the birding front. So may posts to comment on and all of a very high quality as usual. I love the House Martin 'post' and your encounter with Golden Oriole.

    Hope you and Jenny are both very well

    Paul and Pam x