Sunday, 5 August 2018

Tarifa with John & Jenny: Day 3

Sunday 5 August

Judging by John's third and final report from his and Jenny's visit to Tarifa and district, it sounds as if the "Windy Coast" is most aptly named.  Presumably only the wind surfers are happy!

Tarifa to Home: Sunday 5 August 

More strong winds and lots of humidity.

After coffee we headed just outside Tahivilla to the La Janda area, here we put up a
single Black Kite from the stubble.  Lots of Linnets, Goldfinches and House Sparrows
on the track, while Stonechats were in good numbers lining the fence posts along
with a lone juvenile Woodchat ShrikeCattle and Little Egrets flew overhead but no
signs of the Montagu´s Harriers that breed in this area.

So moving onto the old military compound, now a Migres building, at the building on

the cliff top we saw another few hundred Black Kites, some Common Kestrels and a
Short-toed Eagle.  Also about were Barn and Red-rumped Swallows, House Martins
and large flocks of Spotless Starlings among the cattle.  A small party of Common
Swifts headed out to sea as we dropped down into the woodland.  Here we found
Spotted Flycatchers, Wrens, House Sparrows, Blackbirds, Blue Tits and Chaffinches

It was now time to head for home, not a bad few days birding but a lack of species of

raptors.  Never mind, there is still the main migration in September to look forward to.

Interesting to read John's many reference to Red-rumped Swallow over the week-end as, compared with previous years, I thought there was a definite shortage of these lovely birds in 2018.  And where have all the Bee-eaters gone?

Check out the accompanying website at for the latest sightings, photographs and additional information

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