Monday 25 March 2013

Birding Bonus!

Amazing!  Just when you think you have had a marvellous day's birding with the Axarquia Bird Group last Thursday - and in glorious sunny weather - picked up Golden Eagle, Cirl Bunting, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Crossbill and most of the resident tits, along comes another bird to add to the already good list. 

There were lots of Serins and Goldfinches about that we tend now not to bother to photograph them. But then comes along an individual who posses very conveniently so, almost out of habit, you point, focus and grab a photo just for record purposes.  Imagine, then, the pleasure, if not utter surprise, on Steve's face when looking at the said picture of the "Goldfinch" something seems wrong and the proverbial bells start ringing.  This is not a Golfinch nor Serin; all those black markings can mean only one thing, I have found me a Siskin.  I bet now that Steve wishes he had realised at the time, and apart from drawing the attention to the rest of the group, taken far more shots!

Siskin Lugano Carduelis spinus at the higher picnic site above Alcaucin (PHOTO: Steve Powell)

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