Wednesday 13 March 2013

After the rain came the sun


The sun may have returned following the recent very wet weather but it has, once more, brought with it some very strong breezes.  Having to visit the local "Well" company in Velez Malaga this morning to sort out problems with the well's pump (yet more expense!), I then continued on to Torre del mar to take a look at the River Velez in my local patch.  What a difference; water from bank to bank and running at great speed towards the sea.  Not much chance of any waders here me thought - and I was right.

Barn Swallows feeding over the neighbouring field and House Martins over the river along with a few of the local Rock Doves but little more at first glance.  A walk down tot he beach revealed a single Little Egret followed by a single Moorhen.  A couple of Blackbirds were seen along with a handful of Goldfinches and Serins near the pumping house.

Resting on the spit at the end of river estuary a small flock of gulls contained mainly Black-headed, Mediterranean and Yellow-legged Gulls.  With the mixed flock were also a couple of Cormorants.  Returning to the car i also had a small number of House Sparrows and a Collared Dove.

And that was just about it.  Yes, I did have a Stonechat on the way down the mountain and a single Red-legged Partidge suddenly got the jitters and decided he ought to be in somebody's pot as he dashed out into the road as I approached Los Romanes on the return journey.

But tomorrow and Friday are another days with the promise of more sun rather than rain; that will come, me thinks, next week!  Workmen arriving tomorrow to both start on repairs to the sun room and reinstate the pump in the well so I may well take off for the Guadalhorce in Malaga in the hope of better things.  Similarly, if the rain really eases up then conditions may be more favourable for next week's visit to the Rio Velez for the month field trip of the Axarquia Bird Group; I certainly hope so.

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