Monday, 17 February 2014

Sierra Loja with John and Jenny Wainwright

Tuesday 18 February

Still the 18th down here but the day is rapidly disappearing and it will soon be time to throw a couple of prawns on the barbie!  Meanwhile, I can catch up with John and Jenny's latest birding expedition and soon,no doubt, they will be off again on their next trip out.

Sierra Loja  17th February 2014

Warm spells, overcast and chilly at times, very misty later.

As we left the village a few Collared Doves were on the telegraph wires as were Spotless Starling and House Sparrows.  As we drove up to the old workings we saw Chaffinches, more Collared Doves and a beautiful RedSquirrel.  As we parked at the old workings we disturbed a Rock Bunting feeding in the grasses onthe down slope, also about were Blackbirds, two Great Tits, a Robin and three Crag Martins were noted through the tree tops.

One of the local Red Squirrels.
Up to the hidden quarry and here we found a mixed flock of Serins and Goldfinches, a male Black
Redstart was calling in the quarry itself, Red-legged Partridges and a couple of Jackdaws.  Going through the tree line we saw Crossbills, Chaffinches, Short-toed Treecreeper, Chiffchaffs,
Blackbird and another pair of Great Tits.  As we approached the cliff areas  several Jackdaws and two Chough were noted as well as a male Black Wheatear, two Linnets and a couple more Crag Martins.
Just above the cliff area we found our first Thekla Larks, then Stonechats, three female Black
Redstarts,  a Common Kestrel and a Little Owl

Lots of water in the ponds!
The ponds were very full today and all we saw here were Mistle Thrush and a Blue Rock Thrush.
We ventured along to the Fossil Cave and it was then the mist rolled in with a vengeance, so we
headed back down, we didn´t get any respite from the mist till well below 800metres, which more or
less put a blanket on the afternoon. 

A Wood Pigeon was the only new sighting in the journey back home.  Let´s hope we can get a few more species on our Osuna trip on Tuesday 18th.

Both photos by John Wainwright

I still seem to have the best weather a the moment!

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