Sunday, 23 February 2014

Axarquia Bird Group visit to Charca de Suarez

24 February 2014

Already early evening here in Wangarai, on the coast north-west of Ellington, and just received news from my friend Steve Powell that five members of the Axarquia Bird Group were able to visit the Charca de Suarez reserve on the outskirts of Motril yesterday morning.  Steve's report can also be found on the Group's Facebook group account "Axarquia Birds and Wildlife" and you, too, can access this and place your own comments and photos by simply applying to join.  I may be half-round the world and down at the bottom end for another few weeks but, hopefully, will still have Internet access most of the time.  I will now paste Steve's report and photos below and, all being well, they should be published by the time you wake up!

Sunday 23 February

Five Group members at the Charca de Suarez this morning treated to views of a Little Crake, Kingfisher, Moustached Warblers (2), Little Bittern, Marsh Harriers (2), Red-knobbed Coot (4), Pochard (7), Purple Swamphens (5) and a single Teal amongst others. - with Yvonne Hartley and Allen Hartley.

Steve Powell 

Kingfisher  (PHOTO: Steve Powell)

Kingfisher (PHOTO: Allen Hartley)

Little Crake  (PHOTO: Steve Powell)

Little Crake  (PHOTO: Allen Hartley)
Moustached Warbler (PHOTO: Steve Powell)

No mention of all the usual "stuff" to be seen but, for a newco  how can you beat Marsh Harrier, Kingfisher, Moustached Warbler, Little Bittern and Little Crake for starters?  I still think that there is some sort of conspiracy out there that produces all these great sightings that I keep reading about the minutes I depart the country!  For my sins, I was unsuccessful in finding a Blue Duck today but did have more paradise Shelducks, feeding and soaring Australasian Harriers (also known as Swamp Harrier and very similar to our Montagu's Harrier), Silvereye, New Zealand Fantail and wild Peafowl.  They also have Feral Chickens here!!!!

Keep up the good birding


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