Thursday, 14 May 2020

Algarrobo Costa River Walk

Bee-eater Abejaruco Europeo Merops apiaster
Thursday 14 May

At last, chance once again to get out into the sunshine and take a walk up the Rio Algarrobo.  Not bad enough that we had to suffer seven weeks confined to the house but then a swollen foot saw me self-isolated again within a few days of the release to undertake some personal exercise.  So, 'nough said and time to set out for the return walk of about three kilometres and all within the allotted time for me to be out of the house.  Across the road and entering the trees at the start of the walk immediately aware of the local Monk Parakeets and Collared Doves.  With low cloud following the recent rain the swifts were lower that last week and first up a handful of Common Swifts.  With ten minutes I was able to check out the breeding Pallid Swifts making use of the high apartments on the far side of the river and with water flowing all set , hopefully, for a few surprises.

A Sardinian Warbler crossed in front of me and int a nearby tree and a Hoopoe was calling of the far side of the river..  Out into the parkland area and a couple of Greenfinches in  bare tree and quickly followed by a Serin and then a juvenile Goldfinch.  No shortage of Spotless Starlings and the Wood Pigeons appeared sooner than my last visit.

Greenfinch Verderon Comun Carduelis chloris

Continuing on up the river I soon encountered my first Barn Swallows along with a few House Martins.  All the time the chatter of the local House Sparrows and regular flights of Blackbirds as they flew over and back across the river. Interesting to watch a single Lesser Black-backed Gull cross over above me and then, no doubt, on down stream to the beach and sea.

Serin Verdecillo Serinus serinus

Continuing to the motorway bridge I waited to confirm that at least two pairs of Crag Martins were nesting in the dark shade at the bridge's abutment then the return walk back to the coast.  More House SparrowsGoldfinches and Monk Parakeets along with many Collared Doves before, at last, a pair of Red-rumped Swallows came to feed over the flowing river.

Back near the picnic area I stopped to check but unable to find last week's Turtle Dove but overhead my first raptor since returning from the UK exactly two months ago as a Kestrel gradually drifted away.

Common Kestrel Cernicalo Vulgar Falco tinnunculus
Time to stop and watch  a pair of both Serins and Greenfinches and a Hoopoe which flew into the tree in front of me before checking out the bare tree on the far side of the river which this morning held a different visitor; my first Bee-eater of the year.  What a lovely way to finish and so return home with a pleasant smile on my face.

Hoopoe Abubilla Upupa epos

Birds see:
Kestrel, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Rock Dove, Wood pigeon, Collared Dove, Monk Parakeet, Common Swift, Pallid Swift, Bee-eater, Crag Martin, Barn Swallow, Red-rumped Swallow, House Martin, Blackbird, Sardinian Warbler, Spotless Starling, House sparrow, Serin, Greenfinch, Goldfinch

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