Tuesday 7 April 2020

Birding update from Torre del Mar

Tuesday 7 April

Just heard from my friend Eric Lyon in neighbouring Torre del Mar and, despite living almost in the centre of town, his little piece of open space around the house continues to draw in a wonderful selection of birds.

Whilst still seeing his "regulars" including Blackbird, Sardinian Warbler and the marauding Monk Parakeets along both Collared Dove and Feral Pigeons, Eric has now added a new recently-arrived summer visitor to his list with the brief appearance of a Subalpine Warbler.

Subalpine Warbler Curruca Carrasquena Sylvia cantillans (PHOTO: Bob Wright)
In addition to the Subalpine Warbler, Bee-eaters were heard as they passed overhead.

Bee-eater Abejaruco Europea Merops apiaster (PHOTO: Bob Wright)
Eric also reports that whilst he continues to see Barn Swallows and House Martins he is yet to see a nearby Red-rumped Swallow.  Local Swifts are now about but, for me, it is probably a case of shopping at dusk or on a damp day.  But I live in hope that I shall soon be able to add both Common and Pallid Swift to the local lockdown list.

Please remember the invitation for all readers to send me their bird sightings/reports so that your pleasure can be shared with others.  Stay safe, stay positive, stay happy.  Many thanks.

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