Wednesday 1 April 2020

An Hour's Garden Birding

Wednesday 1 April

An hour's birding in a UK garden produced the report below.  Now I know that many of you out here in Spain also have gardens of varying size and description so, perhaps, one of our Spanish readers might like to do a similar exercise and send in a report to share with fellow birders confined to theor properties.

An hour's birding in a Midlands garden back in the UK: Tuesday 31 March

Particularly for those locked down without a view of bird action I attempted to log an hour's birding session that I had from my inland Blighty home.  Writing the notes whilst  I was viewing was difficult, but afterwards reading what I had written was really difficult!

Luckily, I have nearly a 270 degree (in total) view and in some directions quite distant.  On the downside there is usually, and was, a lot of distracting Wood Pigeon and Jackdaw movements.  I have written without any admonishments what I think my notes said as I think it adds to the, at times, frantic session that I had.  As a result the English is not necessarily of the best.

So here we go.
Wood Pigeon sat in  tree— Jackdaw carrying bread— female Blackbird in bird bath—male Blackbird chases female—House Sparrow sat in bush—2 Jackdaw fly over—Collared Dove on TV aerial—Singing Robin—Singing Dunnock-- Magpie by new nest—Crow flies north—4 Jackdaw on house roof—Blackbird alarm call—2 Goldfinch fly east—Greenfinch calling--Great Tit calling—Greenfinch atop of fir tree-Great Tit atop fir tree.

Tatty Sparrowhawk spiralling to north—Feral Pigeon flies east-- Coal Tit lands in hedgerow -–Robin sat in hedgerow—13 Starlings in flight joined by 2 others—Blue Tit sat in top of small tree-- Robin on the lawn—2 Feral Pigeon pass to the east--male House Sparrow on peanut feeder.

Buzzard circle to the north--Blackbird drinks from bird bath--2 Sparrowhawk circle to the south-- Buzzard spiralling to the south—hungry Robin nibbling dry bread on lawn—2 male ,1 female Blackbird on the meadow joined by RobinMagpie near nest—Greenfinch on top of Sycamore—Buzzard above tree line to the south—Collared Dove flies over—Greenfinch on TV aerial—Greenfinch on Black sunflower feeder—House Sparrow on peanut feeder—Crow flies over.
Buzzard Buteo buteo (PHOTOS: Bob Wright)
Buzzard to the south—Great Tit on fence then in ivy—Dunnock and Blackbird cleaning up below feeders—Collared Dove into sycamore—2 Goldfinch into hedgerow-Blue Tit lands in flowering cherry tree.

And then, presumably, you crash in a heap on the floor before departing to make a strong, black coffee - or even something than comes in a glass rather than a bottle!  Just goes to show what is about when you give the birding 100% of your attention.

Check out the accompanying website at for the latest sightings, photographs and additional information 

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