Thursday, 29 December 2016

Christmas Cheer - if not birding!

Thursday 29 December

Following my request to let me know if any exciting birding happened on Christmas Day it looks very much as if the most common bird seen were the farm-reared Turkeys, followed by Chicken, Duck and, possibly, a Goose or two.  A few Quail eggs may have put in an appearance but certainly no pies containing four and twenty Blackbirds!  Indeed, all the birds seen seemed to have been in a resting mode and lacking any sense of concern or fright nevermind flight.  Given that these birds feed close to the ground it will be no surprise to read that the main vegetation seemed to consist mainly of sprouts, potatoes, and a variety of other green produce.  Likewise, rather than clear drinking water there seemed to be a varying degree of what can only be described as a standing brown liquid.

On the other hand, Petrea from Competa took a walk into the hills of the Sierra Almjara near Nerja and came across her first orchid of the season, a rather lovely dark Bee Orchid Ophrys fusca at an altitude of between 400 and 500 metres.

Dark Bee Orchid Ophrys fusca (PHOTO: Petrea Fastrup)

For me part, I took a walk along the front with Jenny towards Caleta harbour and from Lisette's apartment window overlooking the sea was delighted to see a small pod of Dolphins easing their way westwards.

Now on towards the New Year with just a couple of days to go.

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