Friday 28 December 2012

A "thrushing" Good Time in Loja with Fieldfare, etc!

Sierra Loja  26th December 2012

What a report from John and Jenny Wainwright who most certainly got the best birding out of Boxing Day with almost a full-house of the common thrushes.  On the other hand, strange to miss out on the Song Thrush which would have been the one winter visitor I would have expected to have been seen.  But Redwings, Ring Ousels and a Fieldfare?  Wow!

A bright sunny day but quite low temperatures and cold wind..only 3C up top.

An Azure-winged Magpie, two Wood Pigeons, Mistle Thrush,Black Wheatear, Robin, Thekla Lark and a Chaffinch were some of the few birds we saw today on the way up to the Ring Ousel area catchment area.  Here we dipped out on the Rousels but did find twenty or so Blackbirds, lots of Mistle thrushes, a few Jackdaws and Black Redstarts.

Magpie Urraca Pica pica  (PHOTO:  John Wainwright)

We doubled back and took the track to the Charco de Negro - nothing moving here - but the ponds are full up. We carried on up to the fossil cave, here we found a huge flock of some two hundred Meadow Pipits. Moving on from here another 1.5km and at the turn off to the Puento Alto we found two Ring Ousels. The road is a dead end - three km past here - but we located a flock of ten Magpies and a Common Kestrel. Back tracking to the Puento Alto turn we sat for coffee and while doing so we found two Redwings, a single Fieldfare (only our second in Spain), several Mistle Thrushes and Blackbirds all feeding in the same area. 

Mistle Thrush  Zorzal Charlo Turdus viscivorus (PHOTO: John Wainwright)

On the return journey we saw four more Ring Ousels, Rock Buntings, Corn Buntings, Jackdaws, Little Owl, Chough, Common Kestrel, a pair of Sparrowhawks and a Dartford Warbler.

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