Thursday 18 June 2020

Charca de Suarez, Motril

Wednesday 17 June

Al last the Charca de Suarez is open to visitors - but with prior appointment and struct self-isolation rules applicable.  Nevertheless, great to be back at this site and, on this occasion, I was meeting Steve and Elena Powell for our two hours viewing from 6pm.  Approaching from "Turtle Dove Alley" I had Spotless Starling and Collared Dove as I entered and Turtle Dove at the far end.

Turtle Dove Tortola Europea Streptopelia turtur

Straight to the Laguna del Taraje where there were many Mallards plus Common Coots and a single Little Grebe.    A few Moorhen a distant Purple Swamphen crashing its way through the tall reeds at the back to my left.  Lots of calling Reed Warblers (all over the site) and a Cetti's Warbler as we made our way to the small hide at the far end of this pond.  Usually little to see her but Elena managed to find the well-camouflaged Little Bittern at the far end at the base of the reeds.

Little Bittern Avetorillo Comun Ixobrychus minutus

The obvious greeting at the Laguna del Alamo Blanco was the White Stork immediately in front of the hide.  On a post to the back a resting Heron along with a few Coot and Mallard on the water plus a single Little Egret.  A distant Marsh Harrier but Steve had already seen a pair along with a Glossy Ibis.
White Stork Ciguena Blanca Ciconia ciconia

Walking to the Laguna de las Aneas a couple of Nightingales and a Spotted Flycatcher.  Lots of Coots and Mallards present plus a handful of Red-knobbed Coots.  Just a couple of Little Grebes plus a pair of both Heron and Little Egret.  Many feeding House Martins over the water and House Sparrows below the hide.

Little Egret Garceta Comun Egretta garzetta

Walking to the Laguna del Trebol we added both Blackbird and Great Tit plus another Nightingale.  Not just Red-knobbed Coots on the water and both House Martins and Barn Swallows above but a single male Ferruginous Duck which eventually took off for a different pool.

Ferruginous Duck PorronPardo  Aythya nyroca

Walking to the hide on the opposite side of the pool we added both Sardinian Warbler and Blackcap and found yet another Nightingale whilst the Reed Warblers continued with their calling.  Upon arrival, strange to see a Red-knobbed Coot carrying nesting material, possibly re-building in preparation for starting a new brood and a couple of Pallid Swifts arrive to feed and drink over the water.  Outside the hide Elena found a single Bee-eater on a dead branch to our right and close by a single Black-rumped Waxbill.

Red-knobbed Coot Focha Moruna Fulica cristata

The time had simply flown by and reaching the exit gate we were able to see one of the Kestrels which had, presumably, nested in the supplied large box high in the tree in front of us.

Record shot of Bee-eater Abejaruco Europea Merops apiaster

Birds seen:
Mallard, Ferruginous Duck, Little Grebe, Little Bittern, Glossy Ibis, Little Egret, Heron, White Stork, Marsh Harrier, Kestrel, Moorhen, Purple Swamphen, Coot, Red-knobbed Coot, Collared Dove, Turtle Dove, Pallid Swift, Bee-eater, Barn Swallow, House Martin, Nightingale, Blackbird, Cetti's Warbler, Reed Warbler, Sardinian Warbler, Blackcap, Spotted Flycatcher, Great Tit, Spotless Starling, House Sparrow, Black-rumped Waxbill, Serin.

Grey Heron Garza Real Ardea cinerea

Red-knobbed Coot Focha Moruna Fulica cristata

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