Thursday 1 August 2013

Laguna Dulce

Here follows the latest report from John and Jenny Wainwright.  Out from the mountains to the flooded field approaching Campillos know as the Laguna Dulce.  Just think, when we first arrived out here we went six or seven years before we saw any water.  Now it still full in August and any more rain this winter and we shall be calling on Noah to create a new ark!

Black-necked Grebe Zampullin Cuellinegro Podiceps nigricollis
Purple Heron Garza Imperial Ardea purpurea
Laguna Dulce 31st July 2013

A very hot day with a very strong gusty wind.

We were going into Piedra, but they had the workmen out in force all over the reserve, so we drove round the rough road to Laguna Dulce. A Crested Lark and two harriers too distant for id were the only birdlife seen.

At Laguna Dulce - the temperature had got to 36C (96F) by now - we saw the usual Common Coot, Common Pochard and Red-crested Pochard, Mallard, lots of White-headed Ducks, a Great Crested Grebe, Little and Black-necked Grebes.  Hirundines were in abundance, mostly Barn Swallows but two Crag Martins a lone Common Swift were also seen.

An Italian birding couple joined us in the hide and he found an Egyptian Vulture over the distant ruin, then we found Purple Heron, a female Marsh Harrier and a distant Short-toed Eagle.  A group of three Whiskered Terns came over and ten minutes later a lone Gulled-billed Tern flew over the hide. Two Cetti´s Warblers were singing as were Goldfinches and a few House Sparrows.  A Sardinian Warbler was seen at the rear of the hide.

Just after the Italian birders departed, two Purple Herons came out of the far reed bed; one flew to the far right and the other flew to the left, about 200metres to the left of the hide and landed in the reed bed close to the Greater Flamingos that were feeding here.  We couldn´t locate it again though.  Also next to the Flamingos we found five Lapwings, a Little Egret, a Moorhen and more Common Coots.

On the way home we picked up Red-rumped and Barn Swallows, House Martins, another lone Common Swift, Collared Doves and a Wood Pigeon.  (Where have all the Spotless Starlings gone ?)

                                          Both photographs by and courtesy of Jenny Wainwright

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