Thursday, 27 August 2015

Misty weather!

Sunday 23 August

You can't win them all!  Received a very short message from John Wainwright on Monday to let me know that he and Jenny had ventured up their local "hot spot" of the Sierra Loja for a day's serious birding only to find that the clouds had descended and were so thick it was all they could do to see the track in front, nevermind birds, bushes and sheet drops off the edge!  Read on see that Cloud was not their only problem and if thy could not see then goodness knows what the hunters were shooting at.

Went up the above yesterday but the cloud came down so thick that it was impossible to see anything at a distance, there were hunters about, so it was a quick up and down. I did see - possible - the last Rock Thrush (juvenile) for this year and Dartford Warbler. It was a tad chilly up there!  At the pond it was 11C.

As John reports, only two birds and one would be a great sight for most and the second a sight worth seeing on its own and a possible lifer.  Now is the time to keep your eyes peeled for these Rock Thrushes as they start to disperse and can often be found on much lower mountain slopes, especially the juveniles.  Think a very large juvenile Woodchat Shrike sitting on a wire.

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