Friday, 19 June 2015

Up and down the mountain with Derek and friends

Thursday 18 June

I might be in Germany on the first leg of my European wedding tour but it is still great to receive birding reports from friends and so keep in touch with what is happening back home (but still no sign of the house sale being completed).

The following from my friend Derek Etherton who seems to have had a very long day out with the boys!

Hi Bob....hope the journey is progressing well.  Jerry Laycock, Mick Smith, Luis Alberto and myself had a 'boys' day out today.  Meeting early at Plaza mayor we were at Loja by 0815hrs.  The Eagle Owl was showing for 2 minutes before deciding enough is enough!  By the time we reached the top, it's 1600mtrs here, it was trying to rain and the temperature was a 'balmy' 10c!  Felt more like zero with the wind chill factored in.   Brief glimpses of [Rufous-tailed] Rock Thrush for Mick and myself the others 'dipped'.  The cold weather, jeez it's Southern Spain in flaming June, made life difficult for both birds and some birders so after a good list, had Wryneck at the high copse, we descended.

Displaying P1000899.JPG
A hungry Night Heron Nycticorax nycticorax with a meal bigger than its belly!  (PHOTO: Derek Etherton)
Returning back down for a warming coffee and 14c we returned home via Laguna Dulce where it was a wonderful 24c; how things change so quickly.  Not an awful lot there so retuning to Malaga we went via Zapata to find this Night Heron struggling to eat its fish supper.  Took it a full 30 mins from when we arrived, goodness knows how long before it was struggling.  A juvenile was the other side of the bank watching in awe.  As we left we had good sightings of Short-toed Lark and the Tawny Pipit was still showing well.  (Luis Alberto was here early in the morning [first light] to watch the Red necked Nightjars.)  

Back to Plaza Major at 2030 hours, a long but very satisfying day with approximately 80 species.

Now that is what might be correctly called a great day's birding.  And I missed out!

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