Wednesday, 10 June 2015

High in the Sierra Tejeda

Wednesday 10 June

Just received a fascinating report from Marcus and Liz Rootes who live in Competa and enjoy walking in the high sierras.

The Sierra Tejeda.

We started at 1400 mts, walking through a pine forest, already Chaffinch and Robin are singing, two young Sardinian Warblers are seen and then, arriving in the open, a firebreak, Great,Coal and Crested Tits, a Crag Martin, Jay,and Black Redstart are noted.

Ascending slowly, two White Wagtails are following some young ponies gleaning insects at 1600 Metres !

As a group of 10 Ibex are making their way across a ridge, 17 Red-billed Choughs appear. A few Woodlarks are singing as we make our way to 1800 Mts.  A Booted Eagle soars overhead, a single Black-eared Wheatear and Red-legged Partridge are seen.

Arriving at 'La mesa' 3 juvenile Woodchats, a single Northern Wheatear and Whitethroat are noted.  Amongst the sparse, thick bushes, several more pairs of Whitethroat and some very noisy Subalpine Warblers are seen.  Stonechats, Linnets,and Thekla Larks are common up here.  

Coming down again,a Blackbird appears and another Northern Wheatear with two juveniles.  In this vicinity, Rock Thrush and Tawny Pipit are sometimes noted - but not today !

Marcus and Liz Rootes

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