Monday, 3 November 2014


Monday 3 November

Tomorrow promises rain so I thought, given time, I might be able to shoot up to the picnic area above Alcaucin for thirty minutes on the way home from Torre del Mar.  At least then the rain will have something to wash off the car!

Chiffchaff  Mosquitero Comun Phylloscopus collybita at El Rio picnic site

The Bar El Rio, having just passed a White Wagtail on the track, produced first a Chaffinch followed by a Grey wagtail then a couple of Chiffchaffs but no sign of the Dipper that John and Jenny saw last week.  Indeed, looking at the site I cannot imagine why the Dipper would have been there in the first place!

Lots of Crossbills Piquituerto Comun Loxia curvirostra at the main picnic site with male (above) and female (below)
On up to the lower picnic site at Alcazar where lots of Crossbills and a few Chaffinches moving around but very little else.  The exception was a Jay that hopped up into a tree to rest but, unfortunately, with his back to me.  Just a quick walk round the short circuit via the water channel then back to the car and home to get on with some work.

Jay Arrendajo Garrulus glandarius with rear view on!

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